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The department offers around 100 courses annually. Currently most of our undergraduate courses are mainly offered in Chinese. For information of English-taught courses, please see the homepage of Division of Curriculum and ESS Brochure.

The following are ESS Ph.D programs collaborated with other institutes.

Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP)

Our school have partnered with Academia Sinica for the Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP). With access to the best of the laboratory, the classroom and beyond, students will enjoy a truly rigorous, interdisciplinary education.

Courses InformationNano Science and Technology » [PDF]

Contact:Stella Huang

    Tel: +886-2-2789-9696

    E-mail: schuang@gate.sinica.edu.tw



International PhD Program in Low Carbon Energy

The International PhD Program in Low Carbon Energy is provided by the College of Nuclear Science. All lectures in this program are offered in English for international students. For more information, please see the program Brochure