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Required Documents

  1. The online application form

Applicants must complete the application form through the NTHU’s online application system. A completed application form includes an attached photo and a signature.


  1. One copy of your diploma

NTHU only accepts diploma written in English or Chinese. Thus, if your diploma were written in other languages, it should be accompanied by an English or Chinese translation. Applicants who are in the process of completing studies must submit a letter from the school/university clearly stating the anticipated graduation date and degree. Applicants who will be pursuing a second degree in a different field of study must also submit a photocopy of the first degree/diploma.


Applicants for Master programs: bachelor degree’s diploma

Applicants for the Ph.D. programs: master degree’s diploma


  1. Official transcript(s)

Transcripts should include grades for every semester. If it is in your native language, it should be accompanied by an English or Chinese translation. In addition, the grading system must also be included.

•    Applicants for Master programs: transcripts of the bachelor degree

Applicants for the Ph.D. programs: transcripts of the master degree


  1. Study plan

Please write a brief essay of no more than 3 pages. In the study plan, applicants are encouraged to give their motivation for choosing National Tsing Hua University, department and program. For graduate students, potential contribution and research interests may also be included.


  1. Two recommendation letters

Fill out at least 2 referees on the online application form. Once the online application is completed and submitted, the online system will automatically send out the recommendation notice and the link to referees. Preferably referees are faculty members who can evaluate your academic qualifications and research potential.


  1. Financial certificate

All applicants are required to provide financial proof that shows financial sustainability for study in Taiwan, or proof of the scholarship. If you have a sponsor to satisfy this financial obligation, then your sponsor must provide a letter declaring their relationship to the applicant and their intent to provide financial support throughout his/her period of study.


  1. Declaration form

Print out the declaration form and sign at the bottom of the form after reading through it. If applicable, we may ask the applicant to submit a copy of the statement of travel record, or theForfeited Nationality Permit Certificate” issued by Ministry of the Interior and Non-Household Registration Declaration.


  1. Verification of nationality

Provide a verification of your nationality or a copy of your passport.


  1. Program specific requirements

Please find the additional requirements and instructions of the program you are applying and submit (if any) the required documents.


  1. Check list

Print out the check list from the online system to ensure submission of each required document. Please attach the check list to the top of the application form for official use only.