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Minimum Credits:

1.      For students enrolled with a bachelor degree, a minimum of 24 credits (excluding Seminar and Thesis) and 4 credits of Thesis.

2.      A minimum of 12 credits should be taken in National Tsing Hua University.


Credit Exemption:

1.      A maximum of 12 credits taken in the undergraduate program (graduate level, course number 5000 above).  

2.      The application for credit exemption should be completed all at once during the first semester of the academic year upon registration.


Required Courses:

1.      Four semesters of Seminar (1 credit each) and Colloquium (0 credit each), except for those eligible for advanced-graduations.

2.      For students enrolled from 2015 Fall Semester, taken of “Academic integrity” should be completed in the first year of study. Students should pass the course test before thesis defense.


Other Regulations:

1.      Submitting “Form of Advisor Records” within one week in the first semester.

2.      A maximum of 2 course number 4000 courses can be admitted with advisor’s approval.

3.      Thesis will be added in automatically in the second year of graduate study. Manual course selecting is needed for advanced-graduation students.