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W. K. Lin Emeritus Professor



W. K. Lin, Professor


PhD, University of Maryland

Fields of Interest

  • Electronics CoolingSystem (Two-Phase Flow, CPL, Heat Pipe)
  • Thermal Interface Material analysis
  • Fan and Heat Sink Design
  • Micro Cooler Design
  • Advanced Energy Engineering

Research Statement

Micro CPL: A droplet impinging cooling device with silicon wafer, which can remove heat fluxes in the range 50-100W/cm2 in electronics device such as CPU and cell phone.

Heat Pipe (Dynamics Tracing): A simple axial flow model to predict the maximum heat transfer rate of the miniature heat pipe. The concept of the D.T.T was when we tracing the evaporator and the adiabatic wall temperature, these two temperature curves should be the same trend before the dry-out phenomena was occurred. Theoretically, when the dry-out startto occur in the heat pipe, the adiabatic temperature profile was no longer kept the same temperature profile as that of the evaporator. Hence, the maximum heat dissipate ability of the heat pipe was then easy to obtained at this measuring adiabatic temperature.

Quick Thermal Test Method: A novel quick thermal test method and builds up an innovative mechanism for completing the thermal resistance measurement in 20-30 seconds. The test method basically relies on accurate measurement of the differential temperature of coolers / thermal modules at each time step and based on a careful numerical analysis of differential temperature data. Through this test method, a numerous test time can be saved, and the productivity of industrials can be highly promoted.

FANx: This design program is not only trying to get the best efficient fan mode but also trying to get the fan curve from the design criteria parameters.

Wind Tunnel Testing System:This is a multi-purpose wind tunnel measurable system providing modular elements, which can be used for measuring the characteristic curve of the fan either in inlet chamber or outlet chamber. Also, the data acquisition system and its software program are provided for auto-recording the measure data.

Dummy Heater: Simulate the power of the CPU and to measure the thermal resistance of the Cooler without any other accessories such as DRAM, Main-board etc.

T.I.M Test Instrument: According to ASTM D5470, we design a test instrument which can measure the thermal properties of Thermal Interface Material (TIM). The properties include Thermal Resistance of the T.I.M., Thermal impendence of T.I.M., Thermal Conductivity of the metal etc. All the characteristics of the Thermal grease as well as Thermal Pad will be measured by this instrument.




(+886) (03) 5715131 ext.42664, 42030


ESSBuilding, R517


National Tsing Hua University

Department of Engineering and System Science

Sec. 2, Kuang-Fu Road, Hsinchu, 30013, Taiwan

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